Please Smile is able to use any existing CCTV system or IP cameras in order to take care of the premises of a building ir inside area. Instead of contact or laser security systems that trigger a siren when a contact is detached or a laser is intercepted, Please Smile is able to recognize unwanted people in the premises of the secured area and execute a set of configurable actions, including siren triggering, alert message sending, etc.

Based on the configuration, Please Smile can:

Telegram sending media

Warn the administrators of the area via Telegram sending a picture and/or video with the subject of interest.

Remote siren alert

When Please Smile is used in “warning” mode, an Administrator of the system can trigger a siren remotely if a person is identified in a forbidden area. The siren is automatically stopped when the person is no longer detected. All information exchange and action triggering through external networks is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Watch it in action